Games to earn real money for Android


Games to earn real money for Android – Who among us has not searched for the easiest applications and games to earn a lot of money from the Internet, and to use the time we spend playing to fill the bank account with dollars, in the shortest and easiest way possible.

Many of us spend most of our free time playing on mobile phones, young or old, and Android and iPhone games are among the best, easiest, and most enjoyable means of making money online, as we previously explained to you about games to earn PayPal balance for free. You need effort or experience, not even capital. We explain it on Ya hala.

Games to earn real money for Android
Games to earn real money for Android

Games to earn real money for Android

We offer you an article on the best of these applications and games that briefly explains how to play and score points:

Pop Star Magic

Pop Magic Star – Free Rewards is one of the elite games that is considered the best game to win people’s money, in terms of the ease of earning money from the Internet, especially for beginners in this field, because it is based on the principle of providing profits directly.

Without resorting to the method of converting points into their equivalent in terms of money, thus shortening an additional step that may alienate some users, as the application collects the money that you have earned through your games and deposits them in an account designated for you within the application.

Scratch Carts

One of the most powerful Games to earn real money for Android to collect money since its release, especially for those who are fond of winning dollars from the Internet easily and without making any effort as this is done automatically, and this game is famous in all parts of the world, this application enables you to earn money By following video clips and playing games, especially the game of scratching pictures, and showing numbers and prizes inside the pictures.

This application is effective in each of: Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania and all the rest of Arab countries.

And one of the most effective features of this application is its support for more than one payment method, and this enables you to use the application with confidence, regardless of the country in which you currently reside. This application enables you to collect your profits either through a Paypal account, or through bank transfers and the default Paytm bank .

Big Time game

This free game contains a group of games that you have to play to win cash prizes and gifts such as winning iPhone 12, you just have to “play to earn money directly”.

Games to earn real money for Android This application gives you several options for games that you can play within the application without having to download additional files and install them on your device, as the Big Time application includes all games.

The value of the prize money you win depends on the type of game you play, you may win this prize in the form of points, real dollars, or cards that are all converted into dollars and deposited in your PayPal account.

You have the opportunity to receive the prize when you reach a minimum profit of $100, and you can receive it in one payment, $1,000 at once, or $10,000 at once, either through traditional bank transfers or by using your own account with Paypal as soon as you reach the minimum amount for receipt.

Double Double game

This application of Russian origin is one of the most reliable profitable applications within Games to earn real money for Android, as it is equipped with payment proofs that prove your ability to earn a financial return from it through a PayPal account.

As in the previous application, this application allows you to redeem your prize upon reaching a minimum of $100, and you can also withdraw the full $1,000, in addition to your ability to collect $10,000 on the same day if you win the grand prize offered by this application.

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