Earn from Sweatcoin walking app


Earn from Sweatcoin walking app – Sweatcoin may be just a cryptocurrency but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Also, this encourages you to exercise walking, which is beneficial to your health. In both cases, you will exercise, so what is the problem with the experiment! The sweatcoin program pays you coins the more you move, but what is the value of these coins? How does sweatcoin work? We explain it on Ya hala.

Earn from Sweatcoin walking app
Earn from Sweatcoin walking app

Earn from Sweatcoin walking app

It is a free program available for Android, iPhone, and even Windows that enables you to track the steps of your daily walk. The reason for its name, Sweet Coin, is the meaning in English (sweat currency), and this refers to obtaining currencies from sweating. This application is available on the official and alternative Android application stores, as it has obtained more than 50 million A download on the Play Store around the world, and a rating of 4.6 The number of reviews reached one million, most of which are positive.

You may not find the Sweatcoin program when you search for it in the Play Store, and the matter is due to the fact that it is not supported in your country, and the Arab countries that support it are: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Tunisia.

Features of Earn from Sweatcoin walking app

  • Sweatcoin is available on Windows, Android and iPhone.
  • Free and easy to install and use.
  • Sweatcoin can connect to other walking apps such as Apple Fit on Apple devices, Google Fit, or virtual walking apps on the device.
  • Counts steps in different situations.
  • Sweatcoin can be converted into the Bitcoin cryptocurrency or used to purchase products and offers or to support charities and humanitarian causes.
  • Additional features are available in the premium version of the sweatcoin program, the most important of which is the double calculation in the Earn from Sweatcoin walking app, that is, the step is two steps.
  • You can also communicate with your friends on the app, follow them, and even invite other people to earn more sweatcoin.

Earn from Sweatcoin walking app method

Steps to Earn from Sweatcoin walking app:

  1. First: You install the program through the Play Store or Apple.
  2. After that, log in and register an account in the sweatcoin program by linking to a Google account.
  3. Click Continue, this means you agree to share your name, email, and profile picture with Sweatcoin.
  4. Then it asks you to enable GoogleFit data access, you can install and enable it or skip it.
  5. Grant exceptions to save battery power so you can work in the background.
  6. Then you will get the main interface.
  7. You can activate Google Fit, but this requires a price to give the program permissions to view and store physical activity data.
  8. Note: You must save the Google account linked to the application so that you do not lose your collected coins in the event that the phone is formatted, exchanged, or lost.

Post Earn from Sweatcoin walking app

After getting my sweatcoins how do I use them? There are many benefits that you can gain from these currencies, the most important of which is the purchase of beauty products, earphones, or snack subscriptions. If you are looking for discounts on service prices, then you can get a discount on educational courses and others.

Sweatcoin also offers vouchers for Amazon or PayPal to allow you to buy any product you want at a reduced value, and it is worth noting that there are other attractive offers if you are a regular customer of one of these stores.

But the price of the Amazon voucher is $ 20, which means collecting 80,000 steps, which means walking for long hours with the sweatcoin app.

How do I convert Sweatcoin to Bitcoin?

There is no direct way to transfer, but it can be done by selling your coins for Bitcoin in one of the most popular sweatcoin forums on Reddit or the Discord platform.

Can Sweatcoin be converted into cash?

Yes, but in indirect ways, such as searching for a buyer on the Internet in exchange for direct cash, while exchanging Sweatcoin into dollars is not possible.

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