Nice Belgian girl names


Belgian girl names,Most Belgian parents today spend a long time researching and looking up for names to their newly born babies and it is very important what the name means, so they take their time to make the choice. We explain it on Ya hala.

Belgian girl names
Belgian girl names

Belgian Girl Names

Having a look at our article  is going to help you to choose the best for your baby of Belgian girl names.

Let’s begin with Belgian girl names startwith the letter “A

Adela: It means “Pleasant, Noble

Adele: It means “Pleasant” 

Adelgonde: Means: “A noble woman, warrior”

Adelia: It means “Of the nobility, Noble”

Adelynn: It means “Good humor”

Adie: It means “Noble, kind” 

Agathe: Means “A kind natured woman”

Agneta: It means “pure

Aimee” It means “Beloved

Alair: It means “Cheerful”

Alarice: It means “All ruler”

Aldona: It means “Archaic”

Alice: It means “Noble, Truth”

Alison: It means “Noble, Truth”

Aloisia: It means “Famous fighting”  

Alvar: It means “Army of elves”

Alyda: It means “Ancient”

Amalasand: It means “Industrious”

Amara: It means “Eternal”

Angela: It means “Angel”

Angeletta: It means “Little angel”

Angie: It means “Angel of wine”

Anique: Means “Grace or favor”

Annelise: It means “Gracious”

Apollina: Means “A gift from Apollo”

Arabel: It means “Beautiful eagle”

Arcene: Means “Something silvery”

Arlise: Means “God’s oath”

Avaset: It means “Bird”

Aveline: It means “Nut”

Azure: It means “Sky-blue”

And now Belgian girl names start with the letters “B” and “C

Belva: It means “Beautiful”

Berangaria: Means “Name of a princess”

Berdine: It means “Glorious”

Bernadete: It means “Brave as a bear”

Berniss: Means “The one who brings victory”

Berthe: It means “Bright”

Bess: It means “God’s oath”

Blanche: It means “White, Shining”

Blondell: It means “Fair-haired, Blonde”

Bluma: It means “Flower, Bloom”

Brann: It means “Brandy drink”

Brune: It means “Of the dark hair”

Brunhilde: Means “Battle armor”

Camillei: Means “Free born or noble”

Capucina: Means “Cape”

Cara: It means “Strong, Melody Song”

Carina: It means “Pure”

Carlijn: Means “free man”

Celesse: Means “Heavenly”

Celestiel: It means “Heavenly”

Celine: It means “Blind”

Cerise: It means “Cherry, Cherry red”

Channel: It means “Channel”

Chantal: It means “Singer”  

Cherrie: It means “Beloved, Dear, Darling”

Chiana: It means “Algonquian tribe, Place Name”

Chloris: It means “Pale”

Chriselda: It means “Strong”

Ciel: It means “Shield, Scholar”

Claudine: It means “Lame”

Clayborne: It means “Adhere, Mortal”

Coletta: It means “Victorious”

Colette: It means “Necklace, People’s victory”

Conradina: It means “Brave”


  1. Belgian girl names start with the letters “D”and “E”

Dame: Means “A lady”

Darcel: Means “Dark”

Delma: Means  “Noble protector”

Denyse: Means  “Of dionysus”

Desarae: Means “The one desired by everyone”

Devana: Means  “Divine”  

Devonna: Means “Divine”

Diamanta: Means  “Like a diamond”  

Domenique: Means  “Of the Lord”

Doreen: Means  “Golden”

Edda: Means “Vigorous battle maiden”

Elayna: Means “Shining light”

Elayne: Means “Light”

Elicia: Means “Devoted to God”

Elisa: Means “Consecrated to God”

Elita: Means “Chosen”

Elizabeth: Means “God’s oath”

Elke: Means “Noble, Truth”

Ellaine: Means “Shining light”

Emelia: Means “Industrious, Eager”

Emmeline: Means “Hardworking”

Emmylou: Means “Whole or complete”

Engleberta: Means “Bright angel”

Erma: Means “Complete War goddess”

Ernesta: Means  “Earnest, Vigorous”

Estee: Means “Star”

Etta: Means “Little one”

 Here are some Belgian girl names start with the letters “F” “G” and “H”

Farahilde: Means “Traveling,battle”

Faunia: Means “Fawn”

Fawna: Means “Young deer”

Fayanna: Means “Trust, Faith”

Fayette: Means “Little fairy”

Felicia: Means “Great happiness”

Felisberta: Means “An intelligent and wise woman”

Florrie: Means “Flower”

Francene: Means “Free”

Frederica: Means “Peaceful ruler”

Frieda: Means “Peace, joy”

Galatee: Means “White”

Galiana: Means “Supreme One”

Garland: Means “Crowned in victory”

Geneva: Means “Of the race of women, White wave”

Genevie: Means “Of the race of women”

Genivee: Means “Of the race of women”

Georgine: Means “Farmer”

Gerda: Means “Protection”

Gerdie: Means “Protected, she who is protected by God”

Gisela: Means “A pledge, Oath”

Gricelda: Means “Gray; gray-haired”

Grizelda: Means “Endless patience”

Gudruna: Means “One with a divine knowledge”

Hadu: Means “Vigorous battle maiden”

Halfrida: Means “A peaceful heroine”

Halfrida: Means “Peaceful heroine”

Hedvige: Means “Fighter or refuge in battle “

Hedwig: Means “Refuge in battle”

Hedy: Means “Strife”

Helaine: Means “Bright one, Most beautiful woman”

Henriella: Means “Ruler of the house”

Herta: Means “Of the earth”

Hettie: Means “Rules her household”

Hilde: Means “Noble”

Hildimar: Means “One who is glorious, glorious”

Holle: Means “Beloved, beloved of everyone”

Hulde: Means “Beloved, dear to everyone”

Now Belgian girl names start with the letters from”” “I” to “V

Ida: Means “A woman who is hardworking”

Idna: Means ” active and agile”

Idonia: Means “Industrious and fruitful”

Iolanthe: Means “Violet”

Irmigard: Means “The goddess of war”

Isabel: Means  “God’s oath”

Isolda: Means “The ruler of ice”

Jacquelynne: Means “Supplanter. A variation of Jacqueline”

Madelca: It means “A female name of Belgian origin”

Pascaline: Means ” born during Easter”

Perahta: It means  “Glorious”

pollina: It means “Gift from Apollo”

Romhilda: It means “A glorious battle maid”

Rosamonde: It means “rose”

Rudella: It means “Famous”

Shantay: It means “Enchanted”

Slania: It means “Health and wellness”

Vanya: It means “Gracious to God “

Veronike: Meaning “one who brings victory”

I think you were very interesting to see many unique, traditional, and most popular Belgian girl names.

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