Steps to learn German for beginners


Steps to learn German – Learn German quickly Learning German takes a lot of work. Do not believe the big names of articles and courses on the Internet and in the media called “German in 3 months”, “Learn German quickly” or “How to become a polyglot without effort”. This does not happen in nature. We explain it on Ya hala.

Steps to learn German for beginners
Steps to learn German for beginners

Steps to learn German – Learn German quickly

We will mention the steps to learn German – Learn German quickly:

Find yourself a friend

This is one of the most effective ways to combine gentle and useful. To learn German, you should interact with it as often as possible.

The best way to do this is to surround yourself with people who speak German who do not know Russian at all and who will not let you relax even for a moment. And real language enthusiasts should not pay attention to the rest.

Moreover, 98% of people on the planet constantly talk to themselves. After all, our internal dialogue does not stop even for a moment. We are constantly proving something to ourselves, confirming something and retelling it.

As they say in Tibetan Buddhism, the mind of an ordinary person is a raging elephant, which is very difficult to tame. Imagine what would happen if you directed this enormous energy in the right direction!

If you talk to yourself regularly, loudly and clearly, you will first get used to your language very quickly. Many people find it difficult to speak German to others simply because they are afraid of how their speech will sound from the outside.

They get lost and get lost and make mistakes many times more than if they did the same resolutely and without fear. But after talking a little to yourself, you will soon realize that not everything is as bad as it seems.

Your speech is very good, considering that you are in the process of learning German. From this point on, your speaking skill will start to improve at a completely different speed.

Learn German

Some tricks on how to speed up learning the German language, as well as make the learning process more interesting, we will be happy to share in this article. For some, the tips below may seem unusual and unexpected.

Yes, teachers prefer not to talk about many really useful things, and to give information “bit by bit” to their students after they have paid.

But people will turn to us in any case, since no tricks aimed at accelerating or diversifying the study of the German language will not replace a good teacher. But first things first.

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