Learn German for beginners free


For anyone looking to Learn German for beginners free in order to prepare to travel to German because of studying in German, or in order to work in Germany, we will help you in today’s article and present a set of German learning applications for beginners. We explain it on Ya hala.

Learn German for beginners free

In the following lines, we will mention a group of German learning applications for beginners as follows:

Busuu app to learn German

We start with one of the most popular apps for learning languages ​​on Android, with a total of 12 different languages. Among them, of course, we find the German language.

One of the strengths of it we find exercises in real time that allow us to practice the language in question. We also have many tests and exercises that help us improve our accent. All of them are very useful in the process of learning and improving our level of German.

Downloading this app for Android is free. Although we find purchases inside it. They buy access to various exercises and tests.

Duolingo app to learn German for beginners

Another app that many of you are sure to know is one of the best apps for learning languages, including German. What makes it special is that it is very entertaining.

They give us a great variety of exercises, thanks to which they are very interesting and diverse and you learn in many different ways so we learn reading, writing and grammar, which is very important in German.

In addition, it has the advantage of being a very user-friendly application, which makes it a pleasure to use.

Downloading this app for Android is free. Although there are purchases and advertisements inside.

HelloTalk app learn German

This third app on the list is betting on a different system to help us learn German. In this case they do not use tests, tests or exercises.

But what they will do is introduce us to chat rooms where we will be able to talk and practice the language with other people.

So it is an app designed for people who have studied German for some time and want to start practicing the language with other people. In this sense, it is a very useful application. Since we’ve seen how others use this language.

Downloading this app for Android is free. Although there are purchases and advertisements inside. We can try it for free during the beginning, although you have to pay money later for some functions.

B1 Deutsch app learn German

In the event that you already know the basics of learning the German language and want to continue your current level until you reach the third or pre-intermediate level, I advise you to download this application, which is the fifth application to learn the German language.

The third level of DVV applications includes more advanced lessons in the language, which are words related to media and memories, and contains 12 lessons like the rest of the center applications, and it features audio and video support so that it is easy for you to remember the new terms.

B2-Beruf app to learn German

This application targets language students, especially those who know how to speak and write in many special topics learning the German language, that is, they have become at an advanced level, so it works to provide them with the results of German words.

It contains words related to business, economics and entrepreneurship so that if you are in business or start-up companies, you will be able to successfully speak with German businessmen.

As it is unlike the previous applications in the sense that it does not include a vocabulary trainer as well as a sentence trainer through which you can practice what has been studied, and it does not support the Arabic language to know the meaning of the lessons you are learning.

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