How to learn German for beginners


How to learn German – Learn German for beginners Many people find it difficult to speak German to others simply because they are afraid of how their speech will sound from the outside.

They get lost and make mistakes many times more than if they did the same resolutely and without fear. But after talking a little to yourself, you will soon realize that not everything is as bad as it seems.

Your speech is very good, considering that you are in the process of learning German. From this point on, your speaking skill will start to improve at a completely different speed. We explain it on Ya hala.

How to learn German
How to learn German

How to learn German – Learn German for beginners

We will mention how to learn German – Learn German for Beginners:

Save movies in German

Is this the first time you’ve heard such “instructions”? In fact, memorizing phrases from movies, TV shows, TV shows, books, and songs is much more effective than just cramming unfamiliar words written into the dictionary.

Indeed, in this case, all the vocabulary contained in the phrases learned in this way immediately becomes active.

If this is your favorite movie, then with the lines, you are likely to remember the context in which the words were pronounced, and even the facial expressions of the characters. The associative memory will be fully used.

Thus, it will not be difficult to get the necessary set of words and phrases from the subconscious in time. But effectively learning a movie in German is also a complete science. We recommend the following sequence of actions:

  1. Choose your favorite movie in German. Watch it first with subtitles and then without.
  2. Download the movie script from the Internet and print it.
  3. Read the text and identify any words that seem unfamiliar to you. Learn these words.
  4. Watch the movie again, and read everything the characters say along the way.
  5. Divide the text into scenes and start memorizing it gradually.
  6. Memorizing a movie is no more difficult than memorizing 300 unfamiliar words from the dictionary.
  7. But it’s more fun.
  8. Moreover, it will allow you to speak German literally on the go.
  9. This is an effective, fast and very fun way to learn German.

Learn German

Some tricks on how to speed up learning the German language, as well as make the learning process more interesting, we will be happy to share in this article. For some, the tips below may seem unusual and unexpected.

Yes, teachers prefer not to talk about many really useful things, and to give information “bit by bit” to their students after they have paid.

But people will turn to us in any case, since no tricks aimed at accelerating or diversifying the study of the German language will not replace a good teacher. But first things first.

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