Games to win real money for iPhone


Games to win real money for iPhone – iPhone has many advantages over all other types of phones, its operating system is much better than Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, and its camera has clearer pictures than phone cameras The other, and many applications that are not available for other phones can be downloaded on it.

It is a “complete phone” that does not lack anything, unlike Android phones that often contain advantages based on its price. If its price increases, its advantages are many, but if its price decreases, its advantages are limited. You can also play many iPhone games that are divided into free games and paid games, but the best of these games is the iPhone roulette game because it brings players great profits. We explain it on Ya hala.

Games to win real money for iPhone
Games to win real money for iPhone

Games to win real money for iPhone

Online gambling games are the only type of games that bring you profits by playing on your phone, and among the easiest and most profitable types of games is online gambling for iPhone. Since it does not need to follow special rules or understand complicated matters, all you have to do is bet on one number or more than one number or color, and if the ball falls on the number, color or several numbers you bet on, you will get your bet back Other than that, profits.

Classic roulette games

The classic roulette games at 888 Casino are European, French and American Roulette. European and French roulette games contain only one zero, while American roulette contains two zeros, which reduces the odds of winning for players. Therefore, we advise you to play European or French Roulette only.

888 Casino offers different Roulette variants such as Premium, Pro and Multiplayer, with different betting limits and styles.

Live Roulette

The live iPhone roulette game is a new step in the world of casino games within Games to win real money for iPhone, as it is offered by real live dealers located in casinos or studios, and the games are broadcast in full HD quality and require only 1 MB internet connection. Casino 888 offers 10 different rooms for the game of roulette, including rooms offered by Arab distributors as well. There are no free Live games, but you can watch the game for free.

888 Casino has a special offer for Live dealer’s players which is Lucky 8; If you bet on the number 8 or any of the outside bets containing the number 8, you will win 8 euros.

Pinball Roulette

Pinball Roulette is a newly invented gambling game for iPhone, the idea of this game is to replace the roulette wheel with a semi-circular green table that contains a ball that jumps over the barriers until it eventually falls into the field of one of the numbers that moves from right to left. On the right of the screen, you will see a betting table where you can place inside and outside bets as you wish.

Since this game is recent, it is not widely spread among online casinos, but 888 Casino offers it the free trial version and real money casino copies, the RTP of this game is 97.30%.

Mini game roulette for iPhone

Mini Roulette contains only 13 numbers from 0 to 12. The mini roulette game is different in winning percentages from the regular roulette game because the odds of winning bets are higher due to the fewer numbers that can be bet within Games to win real money for iPhone.

A straight bet on a single number in Mini Roulette, if it wins, will pay out 11 times the amount of the bet, while in regular roulette, this bet, if it wins, will pay out 35 times the amount of the original bet.

But you should also be aware that the rate of the ball falling into the zero field is very high in that game, coming in at 5.2%, unlike normal European Roulette, where the ball falling into the zero field is only 2.7%. As for American mini roulette, the percentage of the ball falling on the first square is 7.7%. This game looks better on iPhone Roulette because it is smaller and more suitable for mobile screens than other types.

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