How to learn German quickly


How to learn German quickly – Learn German quickly, There are many different methods and approaches, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

But no matter how you learn German – alone or with a teacher, in a group or individually, in a language course in Berlin or at home with a book – there are some important rules that will help you quickly learn a foreign language and gain solid and comprehensive knowledge. We explain it on Ya hala.

How to learn German quickly
How to learn German quickly

How to learn German quickly – Learn German quickly

We will tell you how to learn German quickly – learn German:

Doing exercise regularly

Invest in learning a foreign language at least 1-1.5 hours a day. It is important to accustom yourself to studying regularly, because discipline is the only factor that can resist your laziness and desire to do anything, just not to learn words and not to study grammar.

By opening the textbook only once a week, it is difficult to achieve success! Even after a day, the brain already forgets what and in what order it was studied last time, and if you study a lot, then half of the lesson time will be spent on repetition! So it is worth piercing your nose: regular practice is the key to success!

Moving from simple to complex

You should not try to remember a thousand words at once or to understand all tenses and prepositions. It is necessary to “suck” the substance slowly and in small portions.

In a foreign language lesson as in sports, you should not immediately take the heaviest weight and strive to complete the most difficult exercise. You need to gradually increase the load and take all the new, more difficult levels gradually.

Working with the dictionary

Writing and learning new words Dictionary for German language learner is the main help in learning. There are many online services that provide the ability to translate words from one language to another for free: Yandex, Lingvo, Leo and others.

In the more advanced stages of language learning, it is worth using mostly monolingual dictionaries, not trying to translate every word into your own language.

But trying to explain unfamiliar words in a foreign language with the help of synonyms, phrases, antonyms and complete phrases – this way it will be easier to remember the words and consolidate them in memory.

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