Ways to learn German at home


Ways to learn German at home – Learn German, in order to achieve the desired results, you need to make some efforts, show self-discipline and perseverance, because you will need to spend several hours behind the textbooks. But besides the standard grammar and memorization rules, you can use other learning options.

Increasingly, children in schools or language courses use the game method, which makes it easier to remember the necessary information, learn complex grammar and expand vocabulary. We explain it on Ya hala.

Ways to learn German at home
Ways to learn German at home

Ways to learn German at home – Learn German

The easiest way is to make at home cards with the names of objects in the learn German being studied, a table of irregular verbs or articles that are difficult to remember.

Stumble upon this or that record, and you will remember its meaning. In the future, the task can be complicated by adding different characteristics or descriptions of words.

Children in school are not advised to read much in order to learn to speak well. Even if you still do not understand everything well, still look in books and magazines in the right dialect, look at pictures and look up words in the dictionary, write them in a notebook, which will enrich your speech.

If you have already gone through several lessons on your own, learned the basic phrases of greeting and want to continue in the same spirit, then you should register on special free learning sites.

You can chat with a fellow student like you, chat with someone of German origin, or find a German speaking friend who studies Slavic languages, where you can exchange valuable advice and help with your studies.

Put it into practice

Without effective use in speech, words are forgotten very quickly! Write letters, e-mails, chat on the pages of the forum – by the way, there is a section where members of the forum communicate with each other only in German.

Great way to practice German and learn new words! Suppose you need to learn 10 irregular verbs by tomorrow – come up with a coherent story from ten sentences, each with one verb. It is easier and more reliable to remember!

Combine styles

It is important to pay attention to different aspects of speech – not only to read, but also to speak, not only to listen to the text, but also to write down its summary, ask questions. There is no one universal technology that fits all.

Learning a foreign language is a very individual process, it depends on age, abilities, communication skills in the native language, motivation, diligence and many other factors. Look for the “your” method.

For example, watch movies in original books or read books, and in addition to this, also use other methods – chatting in German on Skype, communicating with someone, etc.

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