Viva cut software download free


Viva cut software download free – VivaCut for Android is a professional video editing and design software to create full screen video. Whether you love making movies with beautiful scenes or just want to share memories and funny moments with friends. We explain it on Ya hala.

Viva cut software download free
Viva cut software download free

Viva cut software download free

VivaCut is the professional video editor that offers all the features you need. From a multi-layered timeline, to chroma key and a lot of green screen features that will help you create cinematic videos with music on social media like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and even YouTube.

What is Viva Cut for Android?

VivaCut is the best video editor that combines all the features that you need as a content creator or as an ordinary person. This tool is a professional video editor that provides you with music tracks and various tools for cutting, trimming and splitting videos.

You can also use the multi-layered timeline and its chroma key to create cool video collages for social media. Also, you can add clips, add texts and music to them, as well as use filters to create an eye-catching video.

Features of Viva cut software download free

If you own an Android phone, you can now create professional videos, get stunning Hollywood effects, and then share the videos with your friends through social networking sites or put them on your YouTube channel. Here is a list of the most important features of Viva cut software download free:

Simple video editor

Editing videos has never been so easy, all you have to do is download VivaCut on your mobile phone and start cutting, splicing and adding effects to your videos. This program is easy to use, it gives great results, as if you used the best montage program for hundreds of dollars, and perhaps this is what makes it ideal for creating amazing videos that immortalize your beautiful memories of you and your friends After Viva cut software download free.

Green screen

Have you seen how movies are filmed? Did you know that not everything you see is real? Yes it is the green screen effect. With the pro VivaCut app, you can turn simple videos into creative clips using the Hollywood green screen and key effects provided by the app, for example, you can turn your small bedroom into a movie drama with multiple shooting locations.

The movie editing features on the app are varied enough to be able to produce original and unique content.

Filters and editing tools

In VivaCut there are also a large number of filters and editing tools that will make your videos look amazing. Choose the filters you like best and adopt them with your videos, increase the brightness, adjust contrast, etc. to make your video look better.

You will find everything you need to make the best edits in this great app. You can also mix music and video clips together after Viva cut software download free.


Using the animation tools on VivaCut you can find a lot of fun, as the app allows you to move things around and create awesome sequences like you see in anime movies. Experiment with this feature to make something uniquely different and fun.

Edit the video clip

Editing and cutting videos Professionally developed tools or detailed movie editing software. Shared videos Share and enhance videos to share your stories. Merge Videos Merge clips into an amazing movie with transition effects, combine video clips into one video. Speed Control Move your video fast and slow like a pro, only with VivaCut!

Viva cut software download free

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