Download Ana Vodafone program for Android and iPhone


Download Ana Vodafone program for Android and iPhone – is a mobile application and web service that gives Egypt Vodafone customers full ownership of their accounts. If you use the Ana Vodafone app, you are sure to provide yourself a secure environment for all your Vodafone needs.

Whether you pay your bills as you go, pay weekly or subscribe to a Vodafone broadband package, simply login to your I’m Vodafone instant service smartphone. You can update or change your schedule. We explain it on Ya hala.

Download Ana Vodafone
Download Ana Vodafone

Download Ana Vodafone program for Android and iPhone

With the introduction of mobile applications in all sectors of the countries’ interactions, Vodafone Egypt has developed the “I am Vodafone” application to help serve the growing mobile application community.

Like its competitors in the telecom industry, Vodafone Mobile App has been developed to help users check out products and services, purchase packages, find a retail store, manage account, pay bills and much more after Download Ana Vodafone program for Android and iPhone.

Advantages of Download Ana Vodafone

The application has been in the system for a long time and offers limited functionality. But the latest version comes with new features and functions that every Egypt Vodafone user may want to use. Using this app, one can:

  1. Explore and activate new data plans.
  2. Recharge.
  3. Determine your preferred calling and data packages.
  4. Access and pay bills directly from Vodafone Wallet.
  5. Contact the helpline through the app.
  6. Monitor call minutes, texts and data allowance while on the go.
  7. Locate the nearest retail store using the built-in store finder feature.
  8. View Vodafone offer details and purchase directly from the app.
  9. Activate / deactivate the value-added service.
  10. Access a wealth of information about Vodafone promotions, upcoming plans and much more.
  11. Thanks to its modern interface, one can now find the important things through the Ana Vodafone app easier and faster.
  12. No need to request any short code before accessing the lists of available offers.
  13. The app also has Vodafone Cash service built in, so one can easily send money to all local networks and bank accounts in Egypt and abroad.

Ana Vodafone program for Android and iPhone

Like any other smartphone app, the new Ana Vodafone app can be downloaded and installed from Apple’s Play Store or AppStore.

Installing this app follows the same steps as installing any other app. Once you open your favorite store (Google Play store or AppStore) you search for “I am Vodafone” then you will be presented with the app. Tap Install if you’re on Android, but iOS users will have to tap Get.

Now, wait patiently for the app to download and install. After successful installation of the application, you can see the application in the application lists. Click on the Ana Vodafone app to open it.

Once the app opens, you will be taken to the welcome screen. You can skip and go to the registration page. If you are using the app for the first time. But existing users will have to be logged in.

To register in the app after Downloading Ana Vodafone program for Android and iPhone, you will be asked to provide: username, Vodafone mobile number, password and password confirmation. Here, the verification code will be sent to the Vodafone number you provided. Enter the code on the next page to complete the registration process.

After all is well, you will now be able to access the new Ana Vodafone interface. From here, you can access all the services mentioned above and other additional features like Vodafone Tv and Vodafone Cash.

Download Ana Vodafone program for Android

Download Ana Vodafone program for iPhone

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