Program for downloading movies and series


Program for downloading movies and series – I chose applications for you to watch subtitled movies for free, as well as series, whether they are foreign series, as well as Arabic series, and some of them are dubbed. This article is free of those annoying ads and is completely free without a subscription. We explain it on Ya hala.

Program for downloading movies and series
Program for downloading movies and series

Program for downloading movies and series

In the following paragraphs, we mention the best applications for downloading movies and series:


Yidio is one of the most powerful applications for watching movies and series 2023, which provides you with a lot of content and is accompanied by translation, into almost all languages, including the Arabic language, of course, and you can change the translation to any language.

It offers many types of series and movies, such as horror, romance, drama, action, and more, to suit all tastes, and thus the Program for downloading movies and series is optimal and offers you the advantage of downloading movies with a click.

Watan Flex

Watan Flex is also one of the wonderful and free applications to download to watch movies and series, but the latter is more dedicated to showing Arabic films and series and offers a wonderful package of rich content such as Arabic series.

The program also offers you the opportunity to watch in very high quality and presents the latest Arabic artwork to all viewers from all over the world. It is also available for Android and iPhone, and the content contains a variety of Ramadan series and a lot to discover.


It is one of the most famous applications on this list, as it is used by millions of people, whether in the Arab world or in the foreign world, as the Popcornflix application includes many international films and series provided for free, with the ability to choose translation into Arabic.

In addition to the feature of downloading to watch when there is no internet connection, it also provides a lot of servers for watching or downloading, and it is completely free and provides a set of information about the movie or series presented, such as advertisement, story, characters, etc.


It may seem strange to you to find a hacked SnapTube in this list because it is from the Program for downloading movies and series, but it is used a lot to watch and download movies and series, and the version presented to you is not the one you already know, but rather the ad-free version, that is, those annoying notifications.

And the process of downloading movies with this program is as follows. You can go to any site where you usually watch movies using the browser that the program offers you for free and download the movie in any quality and for free, and in case you do not like this method there are more wonderful programs.


Plex least that can be said about the application is that it is great. I was not sure about that until I tried it myself. It offers a lot of movies and series with subtitles that you can choose, and you can choose the quality in which you want to download or even watch.

This is to suit your internet speed, and you can choose from a range of movie genres. It is also one of the fastest Program for downloading movies and series in providing new content for watching.

Tubi TV

One of the well-known applications for watching and downloading movies for free for Android is distinguished in the Tubi TV application that it contains translated foreign TV programs and series in addition to movies and series.

It also allows you to choose the quality of viewing and contains many types of works to satisfy all tastes, Program for downloading movies and series as it has a small size and does not consume storage memory, and you can watch without downloading on the official and free tubi website.

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