Download a football game without the net


Download a football game without the net – Most of the available football games need an internet connection so that the matches can be enjoyed through them, as well as they are large in size and many users cannot install them on their devices, so we provide you with the best game that can be played without an internet connection and with a suitable space It is the FTS 21 game, which is considered one of the most famous games in this category of sports games, as it contains all the international sports teams and famous leagues. We explain it on Ya hala.

football game
football game

Football game without the net

The FTS 21 game is one of the games that is characterized by a variety of commentary, as there is an Arabic commentary and an English commentary, and it has also been updated to contain all the special transfers.

And other features that made FTS 21 hacked the best Arabic football games without the net, and these features we will explain to you in detail in the next paragraph in addition to the download link from Media Fire directly.

Specifications of the FTS 21 game without the net

  • Game name: FTS 21.
  • The developer company: first touch games
  • Game category: soccer.
  • Version: The latest full version.
  • Game size: 326 MB.
  • Game rating: 4.2

This game is the most famous football game on the Android system that can be played without the need for an Internet connection, and the full version that we offer you contains many features that we explain to you in the next paragraph.

Features Download a football game without the net

The following points explain to you the most important features of the FTS 21 game, which is the best Arabic commentary football game without the net that you discover after Download a football game without the net:

  • All international leagues are available in the game, as well as the Egyptian league teams.
  • The graphics of the game are high and the graphics level is excellent, which increases the fun of playing.
  • The size of the game is about 326 MB, which is a very appropriate and excellent size for a full-fledged soccer game such as FTS 21.
  • The game is fully updated so that it has all the special transfers and the Egyptian League.
  • The game provides the ability to create a team and fully control it in terms of player customization, training, etc.
  • There are many different tournaments in the game that you can participate in and enjoy many exciting matches.
  • The game has an English commentary and an Arabic commentary as well, and this feature is sought by many players, so it is one of the excellent things in the FTS 21 game.
  • You can form your own team and control the selection of the stadium and other things.
  • Participate in the World Cup or the European Champions League and other tournaments, to win it and enjoy playing it.

FTS 21 game

The FTS 21 game is among the modern football games developed by NetEase. You can now download a football game without the net for free without the need to pay, and really enjoy all the matches in various leagues and tournaments.

You can download this game on all Android devices, and enjoy the high graphics that this game is available on, which is close to reality. You can create your own football team, and lead it in order to achieve carrying cups.

FTS 21 is one of the best soccer games that you can really enjoy, where you can build your own team of famous soccer stars, then you can play in a group of matches and try to win them, and reach the end to get the trophy.

This is not easy, but through it you will feel indescribable fun while facing a group of difficult teams within the FTS 21 game. The graphics within the game are very distinctive, and you can control the form of play in terms of hairstyle, shirt color, and other things.

Download a football game without the net

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