Download Dragon Ball games


Download Dragon Ball games – Dragon Ball Super is one of the best and oldest video games that witnessed a very high demand from people from all over the world, and the game takes the cartoon form inspired by the Dragon Ball cartoon series, and despite the age of this game, it is Now it is very popular, and the game is suitable for all age groups, as it is one of the entertaining games full of exciting adventures. We explain it on Ya hala.

Download Dragon Ball games
Download Dragon Ball games

Download Dragon Ball games

Dragon Ball Super is a powerful game based on its own anime series, which is named with the same meaning. These cartoons are old graphics that were published from 1984 to 1995.

But this game was published to work on Xbox and Playstation devices only, but the producing company was keen to develop the game after that to support play on computers, and the events of the Dragon Ball Super game were written from the great Chinese novel that was called Journey to the West

And this novel was talking about the huge adventures present in the Son Goku game, which was telling his story from childhood until he reached adulthood, so this game was based on combat adventures, so the hero of the game was training mainly in all martial arts

And making many trips through which he could discover the world, and among these trips he was making a special trip in order to search for the celestial bodies that were called the Dragon Balls, during this trip the player summons a dragon of a special kind that grants many different wishes

During the journey, he tries his best to be able to collect these wishes, but the journey is not completed safely because in the middle of the journey, a group of friends may appear trying to take the Dragon Ball, which leads to the start of some combat battles to protect this ball.

Download Dragon Ball games
Download Dragon Ball games

Dragon Ball Super game

After completing Download Dragon Ball games, you will find yourself inside one of the most powerful and best video games ever published, the story of the game revolves around a bright child named The Monkey King, but he is not considered a child of the Earth because he was not born on Earth. Planet Earth, because he was born on another planet.

So the children knew through this game that they are superheroes because of the many talents on this planet, and during this game this superhero child is sent to the planet in order to learn some fighting skills that he needs later, and the game goes through many different stages and during these stages the child By training in fierce and combat skills

With the practice of the game, you will play the role of the superhero who represents the character Wukong, and the great importance of this hero lies in trying to get rid of all the villains and enemies who come to earth with the aim of destroying the planet, and during this game you can enter into very strong competitions with your friends with the ability to play on a device One

The game allows you to choose to play single-player games so that you compete with the computer, where you can choose a character from a large group of characters provided by the computer, and the number of these characters has reached more than 50 characters.

Download Dragon Ball games features

The Dragon Ball Super game contains many great features that you can enjoy after completing the Download Dragon Ball games, the most important of which are the following:

  • The control method is different from other games, as the game contains 6 internal buttons in the game to help you control the game, but it should be noted that these buttons differ from one button to another in terms of strength and ability to kill the enemy.
  • The possibility of playing the game using the PlayStation, using the X360 program, which makes it easier for you to play the game.
  • There are many great and distinctive training methods, in addition to exercises that may help you in combat operations within the game while facing enemies.
  • The possibility of downloading and installing the game Dragon Ball Super for free through some different links on the Internet.
  • Despite the age of the game, it was distinguished by its high-quality design with cartoonish graphics that attract the attention of others.
  • Dragon Ball Super is small in size, so you can easily play the game on devices with low and medium capabilities.
  • The possibility of downloading the game Dragon Ball Super for free for Android.

Download Dragon Ball games

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