Site to view apartments for rent


Site to view apartments for rent – The search for an apartment for sale or rent is considered a task of the realtor’s competence, and he is a man most of the time who helps you to search for an apartment with the specifications that you dictate to him, he finds you what you want and charges an amount of money for that, which carries additional financial burdens, And this alone is not all the burden, as with the passage of time the population around you has increased and it has become difficult to find what you are looking for with your own specifications. We explain it on Ya hala.

Site to view apartments for rent
Site to view apartments for rent

Site to view apartments for rent

In this report, he reviews with you the most famous sites that help you find rooms and apartments for rent easily and with a simple click:

Property finder

Site to view apartments for rent offers Property finder its users to rent or sell an apartment, shop, or any real estate. The options are varied. It is possible to buy or rent a property, or to request a broker “broker” anywhere inside or outside Cairo. The site has many search lists.

In the beginning, select the place you want to search, the type of property, the minimum price that starts from 1000 pounds and the maximum that matches your financial capabilities, then the number of rooms you want and the required area, which starts from 50 meters without a maximum, and the results will appear to you.

Open Sooq

Unlike property finder, Open Sooq does not recognize the broker or commission, you buy what you want from OpenSooq without commission, you just have to communicate directly with the seller via e-mail, or the phone number he leaves.

The search options for Site to view apartments for rent are few. You may choose the city you want, then specify the desired price and the desired type of operation (rent – sale – purchase – renting a room in an apartment).

In addition to another box specifying the number of rooms in the property you want, you can also create an account to communicate with subscribers on the site, and follow the latest offers to facilitate the search process.

Site to view apartments for rent
Site to view apartments for rent


Dubizzle is one of the most popular Site to view apartments for rent and rooms on the Internet. The site has a box on the right side of the page that allows you to search many options.

In the beginning, specify the price, the number of rooms, the region, and it is a field divided into searching for a specific place within a specific governorate or for all places within the governorate, and then you choose either to display all ads or picture or added ads in Arabic only.


The search options are simple and uncomplicated within Aqarmap. At the top of the page, there are three options between buying, renting, and new projects. When you choose one of them, a list of other options appears as a second stage, which is choosing the type of property.

The specified minimum is 1000 pounds, then the city you want, then you specify the place you want to search within this city, and you can choose the English or Arabic language and create an account on the site.


Al-Waseet is not only a site to view apartments for rent, but a diverse site that includes many sections, so at the beginning of your entry on the site, you must choose the country and governorate that you want to search within from the top list on the page (left).

Then you select “Properties” from the top search menu, then choose the desired type of property (apartment for sale or rent, or a house or rooms for rent).

Searching within the site differs from its predecessors, as the word “advanced search” is above the types of real estate. When you click on it, a list opens with many choices about the apartment’s location, price, number of rooms, and space.

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