What is the best Azan app for iPhone


What is the best Azan app for iPhone? The best azan program for the iPhone is the one that is specified by major criteria, the most important of which is accuracy in alerting appointments, as prayer, as we know very well, is the most important pillar of Islam in which there is no delay, as you find it imposed on its dates, but the life we live in today has made oblivion a reality.

However, the Athan program is what helps you to maintain the performance of those prayers on their respective dates, and what is better than having them on your smart phone that you use all the time and which has become an indispensable necessity, so it is the perfect solution to help you remember those appointments by choosing The Best Azan program for iPhone works effectively on your phone’s operating system. We explain it on Ya hala.

best Azan app
best Azan app

What is the best Azan app for iPhone?

You should be aware that Apple’s interest in the needs of its Muslim audience is what made it launch many guaranteed programs that help them know the times of the call to prayer wherever they are in the world, noting that there are a number of mathematical methods that these applications depend on in determining either the qiblah or the dates the call to prayer.

And it is through their reliance on each of (Umm Al-Qura University – the Muslim World League – using the division of the night – relying on the Egyptian General Authority for Survey – through the University of Islamic Sciences in Karachi .. and many others).

As each method is determined according to the country in which you are located and through which the appropriate times for the call to prayer are determined in each of them, and you find that the choice between the best call to prayer program for the iPhone is in your hands in the end, to choose between the following programs:


What is the best Azan app for iPhone? It is one of the paid programs that can be downloaded through the Apple Store, iPray best Azan app for iPhone you will also find it one of the best Azan programs for the iPhone because of the efforts that have been made to find that unique idea that helped develop the program from scratch to the one shown to you, as that idea is that you will not need Make any modification or adjustment to the application in order for it to work.

The reason for this is that it works automatically in determining your geographical location, and accordingly, the correct Azan times are determined that are compatible with the time difference for any country in the world.

This is in addition to several features, including its unique and simplified design, especially as it helps you determine the remaining time for the next prayer. For the night prayer, tahajjud and other prayers, knowing that the alert for it comes to you through ringing and vibration of your phone.

Athan Pro

What is the best Azan app for iPhone? One of the most preferred applications by foreign Muslims in Europe or other countries of the world. Despite its simplicity, it is highly professional in determining the times for the call to prayer and prayer, as well as knowing the direction of the qiblah. This is what helps to perform all prayers. and knowing the lost ones.

What is the best Azan app for iPhone? This is what makes it the best azan program for the iPhone, as it informs you of the mosques located in the vicinity in which you are located or their contact information for easy access, and you can use it to evaluate yourself with the appropriate performance on time or not.

best Azan app for iPhone you also find it the only application for the call to prayer that was integrated with Siri, by asking Siri About the time of the call to prayer, it brings you alerts and notifications about it, as it is one of the best free applications for the iPhone.

As for the application interface and themes for the call to prayer, many of them are available to allow you to choose what suits you, and one of the most important features is that it displays the date in both Hijri and Gregorian forms, gives you the qiblah, and even identifies the nearest mosques to your location.

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